CAPS™ Overhaul

FlightLogix is an Authorized CAPS™ Overhaul Facility

Cirrus owners can find when their CAPS™ overhaul is due by looking at the Life Limited Components entry in the airframe logbook. It should be in the first few pages of the first airframe logbook. You will see a CAPS™ Rocket Motor entry and a CAPS™ Parachute entry. The expiration date for each will be shown. The CAPS™ overhaul is due at the end of the month of the EARLIER of the two dates. Note that subsequent logbook entries may have been made elsewhere in your logbooks and the due dates shown on the Life Limited Components entry may or may not be the actual current due dates. If you need any assistance determining when your CAPS™ overhaul is due, please call us at 513.321.1200 or click here.

For example:


This aircraft’s CAPS overhaul is due on or before 1/31/2015.


Frequently Asked Questions for CAPS overhaul

1. How long in advance should I plan my CAPS overhaul?
The earlier you coordinate with FlightLogix, the better. We require a deposit to order parts from Cirrus. Cirrus’s lead time is typically 4 weeks for the rocket and parachute. We recommend planning your CAPS overhaul date at least 2 months in advance. We will do everything we can to accommodate your schedule keeping in mind the expiration date of your CAPS.
2. Is a deposit required?
Yes. Once we receive your deposit, we will order the parts that are necessary to perform your CAPS overhaul. The balance will be due upon job completion.
3. How long does the CAPS overhaul take?
Typically, FlightLogix can perform a CAPS overhaul in 3 business days.
4. What if my CAPS rocket motor and/or paracute is expired?
FlightLogix can still complete your CAPS overhaul, however you will need a ferry permit from your local FAA office to fly the airplane to KLUK. Ferry permits usually are only valid for a specific date range, so please keep this in mind.
5. Does FlightLogix have pilot services available to pick up and/or deliver my aircraft?
Yes. Lunken Flight Training Center (same ownership as FlightLogix) is located at Lunken Airport as well. LFTC has several CSIPs (Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot) on staff. They can provide pilot services and even Cirrus Instruction during the pick up / delivery process, if desired.