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Hangars 1, 2, and 3 are the original hangars at Lunken Airport.  Hangar 1 is the original home of the Embry-Riddle Company.  In fact, "Embry-Riddle Co" is hand inscribed in the concrete at the original water main in Hangar 1.  Recently, while resurfacing the floor in the original boiler room, we discovered the inscription and it was carefully left undisturbed. Hangar 1 was also home to AVCO, a parent of American Airlines.  The original engine crane, which is still operable, once accepted new engines through large doors on the front of the hangar, then carried the engine to the aircraft stored inside. Hangars 1, 2, and 3 are constructed of brick in the art-deco style.  Hangar 1 is the only hangar which has a meticulously designed aircraft pattern that wraps the building. Other companies that called Hangar 1 home:  Embry-Riddle Company, American Airlines, T.W. Smith Engine Company, and E.J. Aircraft, Ltd.  Now, FlightLogix is proud to call historic Hangar 1 its home.